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According to Google, Your Website Absolutely Must Be Responsive or it Won't be Appreciatively Indexed. Responsive Means it Must Automatically Configure to Any Screen Size so it is Optimized for the Individual Viewer's Device.

Is my website 100% custom designed?
Yes. Your website will be 100% custom designed to you liking. Starting with a Google-essential Responsive layout (which saves you thousands of dollars) we build it per your business requirement, specifications and ideas. We are a high end web design company specializing in delivering low cost websites to the builder and contractor industry.

We will work together to capture your thoughts, ideas, color choices, look and feel and navigation structure. We will design your custom website just the way you want it. But, we keep things simple so as to run with the project without unnecessarily bothering you during the build.

Are your websites Responsive?
All the websites we design are fully Responsive with desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phones. That, in fact is our primary function these days. Your website will resize automatically based on the device your visitors use.

Will my website be social media friendly?
Yes. We will connect your website with all your social business pages ensuring a seamless social media experience. We can also provide social media marketing for an additional fee.

Can I get my own personalized email address?
Yes. We will create any personalized email address for your domain name. For example, We will create new email addresses and delete any unused emails, whenever you need them.

I already have a domain name. How will you work with it?
We will be glad to transfer your domain name, if desired so that we could host and manage your website. Just let us know your domain subscription details and we will seamlessly handle the transfer without any disruption whatsoever. Otherwise, if you personally registered it, we advise it remain in your account so you maintain complete ownership.  We would simply need to access your account when it's time to publish your new site.

Do you offer hosting?
Yes. We own servers with the most reliable hosting companies in the market. We will be glad to host your website with any one of our partners for an additional monthly fee. Or, if you already have a host, we can publish your site there.

How do we future proof your website?
Your website will be built using latest technologies, best practices and industry standards. We use flexible and reliable HTML5 or powerful WordPress content management system. We also ensure that your website is up to date with the current standards and technology. The most essential website update since the 1990's is the Responsive issue.  All our sites are built for Responsiveness.

How are you different from other design agencies?
We are different from other agencies in three primary ways...

1) All our websites are 100% Responsive, fast-loading on all devices, and built with your customers in mind.
2) We start with a Responsive layout of your choosing. So, our prices are 50 - 75% less than the national average of other comparable design agencies.

3) We know builders and contractors better than any other web design business in America.  We have almost 2,000 satisfied clients since 2001.

We will design your website just the way you want it. You truly get a 100% hand crafted website at a sensible price from us.

Can you maintain my website?
Yes. We also offer a website maintenance plan at a $35 -$75/month rate, and it includes free hosting. This would cover making any text or image changes to your website, creation and deletion of email id's whenever you require. You're occasionally going to want to add a few photos or update recent projects. And, you'll want to speak personally with your web developer for anything concerning your website, updates, etc.  The maintenance plan covers this.  

How will you ensure my website is search engine (SEO) friendly?
We will ensure that your website has the most relevant meta tags, meta description and keywords for search engines to identify and show your site on the search result pages. Basic search engine optimization is part of our website package. We also provide advanced search engine optimization on our 15-, 20-, and 25-page plans.

Can I make text changes to my website?
Yes. You can make changes if your website is built on content management platform such as WordPress. We will train you to make changes yourself. Most of our clients however, subscribe to our maintenance plan where we accommodate all their text change and web edit requests.

What are your payment terms?
We offer a simple payment plan. We start the work upon receiving 50% advance payment and on completion and delivery, receive the remaining 50%. Maintenance plans are paid annually.

Do you offer monthly payment terms?
We offer monthly payment terms only to our existing clients. We will split the total fee into 6 equal monthly payments.

How do you offer custom designed website at a low price?
Our rates for website development are extremely competitive and on an average less than 50 to 75% of our competitors (who produce work of comparable quality). Plans range from $1498 for a 5-page Responsive website to $3898 for a 25-page Responsive website.  We are able to offer such low rates because we know the builder and contractor client better than any other web design company.  We also start with a Responsive layout, further saving you thousands of dollars in custom design work (as well as "back and forth" headaches!)

How do we get started?
If you can see the value in what we're trying to tell you then let's set up a time to speak about a mobile responsive website for your business...

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Our Website Plans

We are Google Certified. All our websites are built on a Responsive platform. They are clean, fast-loading, and comply with Google's requirement to work flawlessly on all devices. Three of our Plans come with complete SEO, addressing Google Local, Maps, Yelp, YouTube, and more.

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Why Responsive?

According to Google, Your Website Absolutely Must Be Responsive or it Won't be Appreciatively Indexed. Responsive Means it Must Automatically Configure to Any Screen Size so it is Optimized for the Individual Viewer's Device. The bottom line is if you want to succeed online, you must have a Responsive website.

This new standard is required or you will not be indexed appreciatively by Google.

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Your business is always doing something good for your customers.  You'll want to occasionally reflect that on your website.

Adding new images of completed projects, posting that new testimonial, or simply changing your contact information is as simple as completing this form or calling your designated web designer.

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Advanced Websites

Your new website will be 100% customized to reflect your brand image. It will be mobile responsive, tablet friendly and SEO optimized (for Google, Yahoo and Bing).

Your site will have a modern layout and color scheme with appropriate call to action buttons/forms, beautiful images conveying your story and will be specially designed for lead generation and sales conversion.

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We Speak Your Language

We are America's Best web design company for Builders and Contractors. More importantly, we are Americans! With nearly 2,000 clients and 15 years experience, we understand your online web needs better than anyone. Speak with a web design expert who knows what you need and let's get started with your new website today!

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