15-Page Business Responsive Website

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A very competitive plan. For small businesses who want a visible web presence in their local market. Comes with advanced SEO and lead-capturing.  Google Analytics and Google Sitemap setup. YELP setup. Subscription form. Google map to your business on all pages. A complete and Responsive website that's sure to position you well on Google!

50% deposit of $1399 with balance due at publishing.


15 Web Pages

(Example Pages)

Home Page
About Us Page
Contact Us Page
Services Page
Services 1
Services 2
Services 3
Project 1
Project 2
Home 1
Floorplan 1
Floorplan 2
Floorplan 3
Floorplan 4
Floorplan 5
Photo Gallery Page
Privacy Policy Page

(Or others as required)

Dedicated Webmaster

Throughout the build, one of our webmasters will be working with you, maintaining complete control from start to finish. You will communicate with your dedicated webmaster throughout the process, eliminating confusion.

2,000MB Storage

More than enough room for a more complex website.

Domain Name

You probably already have a domain name. If you don't, we'll get a good one for you.

Contact Form w/ Anti-Spam

You've seen those forms with the anti-spam code you have to enter to prove you're a human, right? Example...

Home Page Slide Show

Without doubt the best feature on your home page. It's the first thing your visitors will notice. And, we make your business shine! Four or five large, high-quality photos relevant to your business (you provide or we provide).

Interactive Google Map

You want people to be able to find you with ease. The integrated Google Map lets them do just that. Yours will appear on all pages in large format, and on all other pages in the sidebar in small format. Example...


Mobile Ready

All builder and contractor websites should work properly on mobile and smart phones. This is being Responsive.


Responsive Design

Our flagship service! Be responsive, or you won't get anywhere on the Net.


Advanced SEO

Includes Basic SEO (general keyword research for your textual content). Home page content is written or edited to reflect those keywords. Google doesn't even recognize websites with META Keywords file anymore.  They want your content to reflect appreciatively. For example, if you're a builder in Houston, Texas your home page content should have an H1 title tag mentioning that, among other things.

Whereas Basic SEO covers the home page only, Advanced SEO is performed for all pages on the website. Includes Google Analytics and YELP setup, as well as Google Sitemap creation and submission.

Google Submit

We submit your completed new Responsive website to Google's search engine for fast approval.

Responsive Navigation Menu

All our navigation menus are found at the top of the fold, in a horizontal position, just the way Google likes it. When viewed on smaller devices, the menu automatically compresses to adjust for screen size.


Consistent Branding

We place your logo and other branding on all pages in a consistent location.

Social Networking & Sharing Buttons

You've seen them everywhere. They look like this...

These buttons are more powerful than you may realize. That's why we place them on all your pages. People can now share your page with a single click of the button.

Awards/Affiliations Logos & Links

We show your awards and affiliations (HBA, NAHB, Plumber's Association, etc.) on all pages of your site. Examples...



Customized Footer

Your page footer (bottom section of the website pages) should include a basic navigation, contact information, and social sharing buttons. We make it happen. Example...


Fresh Content

Chances are your website is outdated to the point much of the information has changed.  Time to give it a fresh update!


While we make it optimized for the search engines, we test each page to ensure it is completely SEO-friendly. We utilize our time-tested SEO checklist to get the results you want.

Engaging Content

It's not enough to have a website that tells who you are and what you do. It must have useful, informative content and images.  It must have strategically positioned "Calls to Action" buttons. It must have submission and contact forms that are short and easy to fill out. It must be fast-loading and easy to navigate.  Get the picture?
Click-to-Call Hot Button on Home Page

This is a dominant button begging to be clicked. It will be placed high on the page and easy to see. This button is responsible for getting your phone to ring, ring, ring with interested potential clients. Here are some samples...


3 Responsive Photo Galleries

The 15-page Business plan comes with three awesome photo galleries. This is where you'll display some quality photos of your best work, satisfied clients, etc. For builders, it can be Exterior, Interior, and Landscaping galleries.

2 YouTube Videos

Do you have a promotional or informational video you'd like to present on your website? You should. It shows you're the authority in what you do and further convinces potential customers to call or respond.

Phone # and Map on All Pages

You can not begin to fathom the hundreds of websites we have redeveloped over the years where the original website did not have the business phone number at the top of fold, front and center!

Lead Capture Form

This is a contact form your users will complete to request more information about your business. In fact, it just begs to be completed! It is without doubt one of the best website tools in your arsenal of gaining new customers/clients. We have tested these forms for years and have perfected the art of lead capturing. Results are sent to an email address of your choosing (like sales@mybusiness.com).  Placed prominently on all pages.  Gathers name, phone, email, and remarks. Here is an example...


Subscription Invite Form

A short email subscription form users can submit. Used to build a list of people you can send daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal offers or reminders. Perhaps you have a newsletter or blog? This is a perfect way to collect fans. Use it as a promotional tool however you see fit.

Google Analytics Setup

All serious website owners need Google Analytics installed and functioning. We embed a piece of code from your Google Analytics account on all pages. If you don't have an Analytics account, we'll set one up for you. The site's pages are tracked and you can gather reports for better marketing.


Yelp Setup

If you have not added your business information to Yelp, you should. This allows you to respond to all comments your clients have posted on Yelp. We will set up your account and provide guidance on how to use it to your advantage.

Google Sitemap Creation and Submit

A sitemap is a tool Google suggests you have built into your website. It helps Google index your site better and faster. And, it is believed to add some priority points when it comes to being ranked by Google. We will build your sitemap and test it for accuracy and performance, re-edit and then submit to Google.


Bing Submit

Google is responsible for 65% of all searches, but Bing is responsible for much of the rest.

It makes sense to submit your website for inclusion on Bing. We do that for you.


Is this the plan for you? Well then...

Or, upgrade to the Professional!

Hire America's Best Web Designer for Builders & Contractors!

Our Website Plans

We are Google Certified. All our websites are built on a Responsive platform. They are clean, fast-loading, and comply with Google's requirement to work flawlessly on all devices. Three of our Plans come with complete SEO, addressing Google Local, Maps, Yelp, YouTube, and more.

5-Page Starter

10-Page Basic

15-Page Preferred

20-Page Premium

25-Page Ultimate


Why Responsive?

According to Google, Your Website Absolutely Must Be Responsive or it Won't be Appreciatively Indexed. Responsive Means it Must Automatically Configure to Any Screen Size so it is Optimized for the Individual Viewer's Device. The bottom line is if you want to succeed online, you must have a Responsive website.

This new standard is required or you will not be indexed appreciatively by Google.

Take a quick tour to learn more.

How it Works

For years we have delivered websites to the builder and contractor industry using one simple rule: keep it simple.

After you select the plan and the layout, a few minutes speaking with you is all we need to get started. Since most websites are rebuilds of a current website, we can grab enough content from it and build the infrastructure of your new Responsive website.

After a week or two, the initial rendering is presented to you on a test server, where you can view for edits. From there, we'll take it one page at a time. Any fresh content can be sent via email or regular mail.

You'll see the new site grow on a daily basis, offering input as desired/required. When you're happy with your new website, we publish to your domain name.

If you want us to host and maintain it, there's a small monthly fee (which we usually invoice annually). Anytime you need something added/edited to your website, you can fill out the support form, or pick up the phone and call us!

If you're tired of the hassle of dealing with your website, give us a call today.


Your business is always doing something good for your customers.  You'll want to occasionally reflect that on your website.

Adding new images of completed projects, posting that new testimonial, or simply changing your contact information is as simple as completing this form or calling your designated web designer.

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Advanced Websites

Your new website will be 100% customized to reflect your brand image. It will be mobile responsive, tablet friendly and SEO optimized (for Google, Yahoo and Bing).

Your site will have a modern layout and color scheme with appropriate call to action buttons/forms, beautiful images conveying your story and will be specially designed for lead generation and sales conversion.

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We Speak Your Language

We are America's Best web design company for Builders and Contractors. More importantly, we are Americans! With nearly 2,000 clients and 15 years experience, we understand your online web needs better than anyone. Speak with a web design expert who knows what you need and let's get started with your new website today!

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